Here’s Blake Griffin’s ridiculous circus shot that didn’t count for squat (VIDEO)

Late in the third quarter of the Clippers 109-94 win over the Kings, Blake Griffin got away on a partial fast-break that would have led to an easy basket had Sacramento forward Donte Green not flagrantly fouled the streaking Griffin, knocking him to the floor.  As he’s going down in a heap Griffin throws up a prayer of an awkward shot that lo and behold goes in, yet, when all is said and done, doesn’t count for squat because the refs ruled that Green’s foul occurred before the shot.

Still, fortuitous shot or not, this is just further proof that Blake Griffin is very good at basketball.

Suck on that, Lob City.

In the end Griffin’s shot counts as a big, fat zero in the score column, but based on the sheer ridiculousness of it all, is at least worth a triple in style points alone.


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  • Flintmode

    The foul taking place on the floor isn’t the reason the basket was waved off. It’s because Griffin traveled before the shot. He traveled as a result of the mugging he received, but a travel is still a travel. So the bucket can’t count.


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