Iraq war vet Jeremy Feldbusch threw out the first pitch at the Phillies-Pirates game

Inspiring doesn’t even begin to describe the scene on Thursday when Iraq war veteran Jeremy Feldbusch, a former member of the Army Rangers and current representative of the Wounded Warriors project, threw out the ceremonial first pitch at PNC Park before the start of the Phillies-Pirates game.  You see, not only is Feldbusch an army vet, he’s also blind, the result of being hit by shrapnel some nine years ago while serving a tour of duty in the Middle East.

With the help of his guide, Feldbusch tosses a perfect strike to Bucs pitcher Charlie Morton, who’s stationed at home plate.  Granted the pitch is nowhere near the strike zone, but considering the circumstances surrounding the gentleman who’s doing the pitching, that’s a perfect strike if ever there was one.

Try not to get too emotional when you see it…

Without hyperbole, that was the finest pitching performance of Opening Day.


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  • Patrick Gordon

    This would be a lot more poignant if there weren’t TWO auto-play ad videos on this page. As a USMC veteran, I appreciate your thoughts, but auto-play ads are pretty much a big “fuck you” to the reader. Especially on a video post.


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