Of course Brandon Jennings has a Roscoe’s House of Chicken ‘n Waffles tattoo

Chicken AND waffles?!?!??  Outstanding!

Milwaukee Bucks guard Brandon Jennings was born and raised just outside of Los Angeles in Compton, California, so there’s a good chance he frequented the world famous Roscoe’s House of Chicken ‘n Waffles from time to time.  The venerable eatery must have made quite the impression on the Bucks star, because he went and got a tattoo of the iconic restaurant on his left arm.

And it is tremendous.

Listen, people should get tattoos of things that mean something to them, and if Jennings is so fond of Roscoe’s that he wanted to get their logo inked on his body, so be it.  Plus, even if you’re more of a White Castle guy like myself,  you still have to give the guy props for the uniqueness of it.

[Big H/T to Jocks and Stiletto Jill]


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