Rangers fan goofs around behind reporter on live TV, hilarity does not ensue

Fox Sports Detroit reporter Shannon Hogan ventured into the stands during a recent game between the Rangers and Tigers at Comerica Park.  This, of course, gives those fans seeking a fleeting moment of fame their moment of opportunity to work their way on to live TV, just as this obnoxious Rangers fan did with his goofball antics, unbeknownst to the ever-professional Hogan.

Not sure what possesses a grown man to act like he’s having some sort of bizarre epileptic fit while standing behind a female sports reporter during her in-game analysis, unless it’s to be able to tell his friends that he was famous for a whole 22-seconds, a feat which will surely leave his friends as unimpressed as Hogan most likely was when she saw this replay.

It’s your time to shine, dingus…

Baseball fans take my advice—if you’re that desperate to get your mug on television, try and come up with something a little better than this guy’s effort.  I may not like you or your act, but damn it, I’ll respect you…somewhat anyway.

[H/T to Guyism]


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