Soccer player poses for photo with young fan, forgets he’s holding Playboy magazine

I’m sure he only reads it for the articles…and the sexy pictures of naked ladies.

Felipe Baloy is a defender for Santos Laguna, a team in the Primera División de México, and by all accounts seems like a decent enough guy, if you consider he took the time to stop and pose for a picture with an adorable little fan sporting Baloy’s Santos kit.  Just try not to pay attention to the bag in Baloy’s left hand, and really don’t pay attention to the contents of said bag, which just happens to be the latest issue of Playboy magazine.

Surely only the most puritanical of folks would take issue with this, while the rest of us are able to see the humor in Baloy posing for a picture with a young child while holding a nudie magazine.  Now, if he had yanked out the centerfold and put that in the photo, or say, instead of the fairly tame Playboy, it was a copy of Swank, or Hustler, or Juggs in the bag,  then there might be a problem.  Otherwise it’s best just to giggle at Baloy’s faux pas while at the same time not only applaud his willingness to interact with his fans, but his exceptional choice in reading material as well.

[H/T to Dirty Tackle]


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