Attractive Korean singer throws out most unattractive ceremonial first pitch in history

Jessica Jung is a singer for the South Korean pop group Girls’ Generation, a musical ensemble that is quite popular in their home country, and she was on hand to throw out the ceremonial first pitch before a game between LG vs. Samsung  in Korean Baseball Organization action.

If you’ve already assumed that the pitch did not go well based on the picture and story headline, well step up and collect your prize, because you assumed correctly.

But damned if Ms. Jung didn’t give it her best effort, and she does look pretty good throwing the ball straight down into the ground, barely 3-feet in front of her.  The pitch was terrible, but she looked gorgeous, so we’ll give her a pass.  Just next time maybe not pitch from the stretch Jessica…mmmkay?

Juuuust a bit low…and outside…and nowhere near the plate. The only thing more awkward than that pitch was the presence of those creepy Korean mascots. Talk about your nightmare fuel.


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