Dwyane Wade tosses Mike Bibby’s shoe into the first row during Game 2 (VIDEO)

Most NBA players will do just about anything to gain an advantage in the heat of battle, and the Heat’s Dwyane Wade is no exception.  When Wade comes across Knicks guard Mike Bibby’s wayward shoe early in the second quarter of Game 2 of the Heat/Knicks playoff series, he does the only thing appropriate for the situation—he tossed said shoe into the stands.

Well, the first row anyway.  Being shoeless didn’t seem to bother Bibby, as he made the outlet pass to J.R. Smith (who completed a nice little alley-oop to Tyson Chandler) before retrieving his sneaker.

Here’s Wade’s shoe toss (via @jose3030)…

There’s two ways you can look at this. One is that Wade was demonstrating some gamesmanship with his Knicks counterpart, while at the same time gaining a smidgen of an advantage by leaving Bibby minus a shoe. On the other hand, perhaps Wade was just being conscientious by removing an object which could potentially harm a player on the court who might trip on Bibby’s shoe and hurt themselves.

Either way, if I’m sitting in the front row and Mike Bibby’s sneaker comes flying at me, I want to know, “who throws a shoe?  Honestly!”…

Dwyane Wade and Random Task, that’s who.


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