Liverpool fan runs onto pitch, hugs Luis Suárez, simulates masturbation, moons crowd

For some people that would be considered a complete day.

This past Saturday was a big day for Liverpool forward Luis Suárez.  Not only did he score an impressive hat trick against Norwich City, but the Uruguayan footballer also had to deal with this raucous fan who made his way onto the pitch to give Suárez a congratulatory hug following his third goal.  Suárez took the adulation in stride, which might not have been the case had he seen how this fan finished off his moment in the sun.  Luckily for everyone involved the only time he dropped his trousers was to moon the crowd, and not during his simulated jack off session.

Baring your ass to thousands of soccer fans is tolerable, nay even acceptable.  Pulling out your (probable) tiny junk and wanking it in front of those same fans is, was, and always will be the worst thing in the world to do…socially speaking, that is.

[H/T to Outside the Boxscore]


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  • Kibosh

    The best part of that video is what sounds like a father and sound duo screaming at the guy going back and forth between, “F*cking knock him out!”, “Stupid twat”, and what sounds like monkey noises.


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