Nothing to see here, just Jay Cutler flipping the bird while walking a tiny dog

I’m sure Cutler’s dog would be doing the same thing if only he had hands instead of paws.

Bears QB and expecting father Jay Cutler was out walking his dog (judging by the size of that thing I’ll say it’s probably Kristin Cavallari’s pooch), when he was set upon by the paparazzi.  Pissed that his privacy was invaded once again, or that he was caught in public wearing sweatpants and walking a wee little dog, Cutler unleashed hell on the intrusive cameraman (cameramen?) with a well-timed middle finger—straight up and in broad daylight.

Not the most original of comebacks, but it got the job done.

Cute dog, bro.

[Big H/T to ChiCitySports]


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