Predators Ice Girl scoops up catfish off the ice barehanded like a boss (VIDEO)

During first period action in Game 3 of the Predators-Coyotes playoff series a fan tossed a catfish on the ice following a Nashville goal as the Preds fans are wont to do.  An ice girl named Jenna sprung into action, skating out to where the catfish had been thrown and picking up the slimy creature without the use of gloves, a shovel, or plastic bag.

In other words, like a boss.

At one point it seems as if the catfish may still be alive because it appears to wiggle in Jenna’s supple yet secure hands, but unless the person responsible for tossing the fish on the ice brought in a large bucket or medium sized aquarium, chances are it was just an illusion created by the Preds ice girl’s hand movement.  And I doubt very much that arena security would allow a person to bring in an aquarium with a live catfish in it, unless they were Carrie Underwood or Burt Reynolds or some other bigshot like that.

Watch Jenna the ice girl do a little barehanded fishing…

[Insert inappropriate “smells like fish” or “not the first time she’s had her hands on something slimy” joke here]

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  • Kibosh

    How the hell did someone manage to get a fish that big into the stadium not to mention how did no one smell it? I have troulbe sneaking medibles in.


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