Sion’s Geoffrey Serey Die critiques ball boy’s performance with a slap to the face

Quite the bizarre moment took place following last place FC Sion’s 1-0 defeat at the hands of Lausanne this past Wednesday, when Sion midfielder Geoffrey Serey Die went over to the sidelines to voice his displeasure with one of the Lausanne ballboys, and by “voice his displeasure” I mean he gave the young man an open hand slap to the face while berating him for his perceived poor performance.

I’m thinking a simple “you stink!” would have sufficed.

The Swiss Football League is reviewing the incident before deciding on the proper punishment to dole out to Serey Die.  The evidence is pretty cut and dry, and hopefully the midfielder is given a rather hefty fine and/or suspension.  Keeping him firmly entrenched on the last place team in the Swiss Super League is a good place to start.

Here’s the video of Serey Die going all slaphappy on the poor Lausanne ballboy…

Got to give the ballboy credit, at least he didn’t pull your typical soccer flop after getting smacked in the face.

[H/T to Who Ate All the Pies]


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