Soccer player responds to opponent’s racial slur with a swift kick to the junk

Mind you, the alleged racial slur took place in a previously played match between Turkish clubs Trabzonspor and Fenerbahce, but when it comes to derogatory and hateful comments about the color of one’s skin, people have long memories.

Trabzonspor midfielder Didier Zokora claimed that Fenerbahce’s Emre Belozoglu insulted him with a racial slur when the two clubs met in April.  Belozoglu was given a two match ban, a penalty that apparently wasn’t harsh enough for Zokora’s liking, so the Ivory Coast player took it upon himself to dole out some justice of his own when the two teams met up again recently.

Let’s just say that Zokora’s brand of justice was a lot more painful than sitting out two games, thanks to a well placed kick to Belozoglu’s crotch.

Here’s Zokora’s clear shot to the Turkish midfielder’s twig and berries…

If getting kicked in the nutsack doesn’t deter Belozoglu from dropping any more racial slurs while on the pitch, nothing will.

[Big H/T to Mentality Magazine]


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