This is the most amazing catch of a bottom of the 9th game-tying homer in college baseball history


The first round of the NWAACC Baseball Championships are underway and already there’s been a play that nearly defies description.  In the game between Lower Columbia College (LCC) and Everett Community College  the score sat at 4-2 for LCC with two outs in the bottom of the ninth.  Having just plated their second run of the game, Everett had a man on base and the tying run in the form of DH Keone Kela at the dish.  Kela blasted a shot to deep left field that would have been a sure dinger to tie the game at 4-4 had it not been for LCC left fielder Derrick Salberg’s absolutely phenomenal home run robbing catch.

From The Daily News

Derrick Salberg’s leaping catch over the left field bullpen fence with a runner on and two outs in the bottom of the ninth inning robbed Everett as the Red Devils held on for a 4-2 victory in the first round of the NWAACC Baseball Championships at David Story Field on Friday.

“By far the best catch I’ve ever made,” Salberg said of the Sportscenter Top-10 worthy catch. “I was waiting for the bullpen pitchers to tell me I was getting close to the fence. Thank God I didn’t run into the fence, and I’ve got some hops.”

Sportscenter Top-10 worth is an understatement.  Salberg’s stellar grab is a definite Play-of-the-Year candidate.

The accompanying photo will only add to the rapidly growing legend of Salberg’s epic catch for all time…

(Bill Wagner / The Daily News)



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  • LouPickney

    What a play, with Salberg jumping back-first over the fence, somehow avoiding the chairs in the bullpen, and holding onto the ball! Also a fantastic photo by Bill Wagner.

  • Michael Bronco

    Great catch but the greatest? Ever? Willie Mays over the shoulder and throw to nail the runner at second?  

    • Doersamkeith

      i’ve made 20 over the shoulder catches, i can make an over the shoulder catch in my my sleep. jumping backwards over a wall is probably, i don’t know, 50 times harder

      • Michael Bronco

         You can make an over the shoulder catch in your sleep?  Really?  Then how come I never heard of you?  Major league ballplayers (whom I work with) say that the over the shoulder catch is the most difficult to make – period.  And you can do it in your sleep?  Geez, you should quit your day job.

  • David

    I’m about 99% sure that he needed to come down in the field of play for the catch to be an out – that was a home run.
    If he could have held onto the fence and NOT touched out of play then it would have been an out – the fence is considered part of the field.
    BTW, they never said who won the game…….

    • forked

      Then why is catching a foul ball an out?  That isn’t in the field of play either.  (I’m not trying to be smart.  That’s a serious question.)

      • Theesnutz

        At least one or both feet must remain in the playing field to be considered an out. That was not an out, should have been a home run. Anything within the dimensions of the park is considered in the field of play, including foul territory; however even a caught foul ball must be done so with at least one or two feet on the ground.

    • Achapa

      as long as the last place you established contact with the ground was in the field of play, then it is an out.  key words…”in the field of play” which includes foul territory. 

  • Eric Geil

    @David : Red Devils held on for a 4-2 victory.

    Amazing catch, but gotta wonder why they have a 2 foot high fence…

  • Broschultz

    Doesn’t he have to land on the field?  I thought you couldn’t go in to the stands to catch a ball.  It must be where your feet were before you catch the ball.  Lot of ballplayers end up in the stands after catching foul balls down the lines – see Dereck Jeter.

  • Broschultz

    Don’t forget the catch of Yogi Berra’s fly to left in the World Series with the Dodgers when Carl Erskine won pitched the Dodgers to their first World Series championship.  Also Gionfrieder’s catch of Joe DiMaggio’s fly in 1947 or thereabouts.

  • Gary

    Man oh man

  • Michael Bronco

     College I can buy, possibly.  But some guys are saying best catch EVER – period.  Not even close.  It’s a circus catch at best.  A good one, sure.


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