Beach soccer is a real sport played by real people, has it’s own real grisly knee injuries too (VIDEO)

I know people say having two of something is better than one, but I’m pretty sure those people weren’t referring to two knees in one leg, like our unfortunate Portuguese friend here.

That horrific monstrosity of a knee injury you see in this picture belongs to Bruno Torres of Portugal.  Torres destroyed his all-important pivotal hinge joint during a Euro Beach Soccer match against Spain, and if you think that grotesque picture will haunt your dreams, and it will, imagine being one of the unlucky Spaniards who had to bear witness to Torres’ terrible ordeal.  Their reactions upon seeing that mangled knee speaks volumes.

Here’s the video of Torres’ fateful injury, which is pretty gnarly in it’s own right, but since you’ve already been scarred by the above picture, warning you about it would be a moot point.!

I don’t know if that knee is broken or just dislocated, but I do know that it’s going to be a long time before Bruno Torres plays beach soccer again.


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  • Pormike

    It’s just a kneecap dislocation. If he can straighten his knee it will pop right back in.

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