Mike Tyson performs the beautifully touching “LeBron James” on Jimmy Kimmel (VIDEO)

Touching, poignant, and haunting. And that’s just the afro wig and basketball outfit Iron Mike is sporting.

Mike Tyson continues to reinvent himself as a master of comedy, and this latest appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live only adds to his repertoire of hilarity.  Tyson sings the melodic “Lebron James” as only he can.  The only thing funnier than Tyson’s so-called singing is his guitar playing, which is quite lovely in it’s own right, until you realize that the former champ is only “strums” his instrument maybe twice throughout the entire song.

Tyson’s starting to achieve that very rare “everything he appears in is funny” status.  A few more absurdly humorous moments like this one and he’s there.



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  • Ldmmcg

    someone please let Mike Tyson box again …Please….if it will keep him out of comedy ..ppppppplleeeeeaaasseee…
    I am begging ….


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