This rare color footage from the 1939 World Series is hauntingly beautiful (VIDEO)

Have you ever gone wandering in your parents or grandparents’ attic and come across some old photos or home movies that you forgot you even had, or didn’t even know existed, and when you sat down and looked at these once lost treasures all the memories and recollections come flooding back in a wave of  pure, unadulterated joy?

This recently unearthed color footage from the first two games of the 1939 World Series between the New York Yankees and Cincinnati Reds at old Yankee Stadium will have that same effect on baseball fans and nostalgia lovers alike.  It’s 4:00 minutes of a rare, colorized glimpse into baseball in the 1930s when Yankee Stadium was still the majestic “House that Ruth Built,” complete with it’s famous overhangs and billboard ads on the outfield walls.

The clip begins at the conclusion of Game 1, won 2-1 by the Yanks, and picks up in Game 2, also won by New York, thanks to Monte Pearson’s 2-hit gem (the Yanks would sweep the Reds for the title).  Besides the gorgeous shots of the old stadium, the video also features Al Schacht clowning on the mound, Pearson during his warmups, and Babe Dahlgren scoring following is 4th inning homer, all set to a beautiful, almost haunting score.

Now that’s how you take a walk down memory lane…baseball style.



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