Danica Patrick was leading the NAPA Auto Parts 200…until she ran over a shoe on the track

Danica Patrick led today’s NAPA Auto Parts 200 for the better part of 20 laps until she happened to run over a shoe that someone had thrown on the track.  At the time it seemed to be fairly innocuous, but the shoe did actually do some damage to Danica’s steering, and she went from leading the NASCAR Nationwide tour race to sitting in 28th place with a handful of laps to go.

In the end Danica wound up finishing in 27th place, six laps behind eventual race winner Justin Allgaier.  Too bad too, because it looked as if Patrick was going to have a great, wreck-free day of racing.

At least she was, until she ran over that shoe.  Honestly, who throws a shoe?

Personally I think Danica is just a tad overrated, but still, to essentially have your chance at victory shot down by rogue footwear is really some kind of bad luck. At least the culprit should be easy to find…he (or she) will be the person with the guilty look on their face and an exaggerated lean to one side.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/CantBeatARam Thomas Stein

    That fan who threw a shoe at Danica Patrick should be locked up in prison for the rest of his life. He/she had absolutely no business doing what he/she did. That’s uncalled for. That’s what I call, totally unacceptable. That was unfortunate for Danica Patrick, who was trying for her first win, and have this B.S. happen to her. That is ignorant. That person must be mentally retarded. This is the NASCAR Nationwide Series, not the Wacky Races. NASCAR security is 100% flawed, and needs a major reform.

  • http://twitter.com/johnb21162 john Bartsch

    If not that it would have Ben something else?just something for her to cry about?

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/JOKUJM63ZWT2CNXCIQIHBD6XH4 jfhaha

      You are exactly right. Well said.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/PE3IW7HVHF775FEKHEQBA6VIO4 Greg

    I think your alot overrated as a journalist.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003977286386 Bill Davis

    The shoe incident did not cause her to lose the lead or the race! These cars run over more stuff on road course than some dumb spectators shoe! Yes! The spectator should be fined to the highest the law will permit but causing her to lose the race or the lead! Noway! 

  • fred8131

    She must be a liberal.

  • fred8131

    Looks like another driver’s shoe.

  • WaynesRCWorld

    Most of you haters are just jealous because she looks better, smells better and drives better than all of yous that including most of the field.

  • Balpotoo

    If she didn’t have boobs, she wouldn’t have a ride…

  • llSteamerll

    In addition to the ‘Shoe’ shown above … checking both photo’s, one would notice Danica’s raceCar considerably Lower on the track than the other Driver’s ..
    When I lowered my car, it  increased handling .. performance ..  but maybe they are unaware ~
    The Danica Edge ..

  • Steamer

    Check out the Suspension Difference in your line of Cars …
    Danica’s Car considerably lower than other cars on the  track !!
    Am Certain that the other Crews just didn’t realize that lowering
    your ride offers superior handling / performance !!
    There’s your Danica Edge ..
    Doing all they can to get the lady’ .. to Victory Lane ~

  • Steamer

    hey Mike … I don’t think you get too far with a broken rear axle !! Much less compete .. and a broken  stablilizer as well .. neither mentioned in the above article .. How many drinks did you have .. before
    coming across that information !!  Yeah, those pit crews .. they don’t really check these cars .. they just send wonder woman’ out on the track ~
    Do check the photo’s tho .. you will notice that Danica’s Ride, considerably lower than those behind her !
    That might improve performance / handling right !!
    Ahh .. in this case, it probably just proves your point about the  broken axle ~


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