Eli Manning thinks David Carr should run shirtless, a la Tim Tebow, to increase Giants media coverage

Even though they’re based in New York and are the reigning Super Bowl champs, the Giants don’t receive anywhere near the same amount of media coverage that the Jets do.  The disparity can be traced nowadays to the “Tebow Factor,” as the Jets backup QB draws more media attention than Eli Manning and the rest of the Giants combined.  Case in point—just look at what happened when Tim Tebow went for an innocent run in the rain, sans t-shirt.  Eli could cure cancer while rescuing a litter of kittens from a burning building completely naked and it wouldn’t warrant the same amount of attention as a soaking wet, half naked Tebow.

But Eli Manning, with tongue firmly planted in cheek,  has a simple, yet interesting idea on how to raise the amount of media coverage for the Giants to the level of Rex Ryan’s Jets team.

Three words—David Carr, shirtless.

From the NY Daily News

“I told David Carr to take his shirt off while we were running sprints after practice,” Manning said on ESPN Radio on Thursday, “to see if he can get the same coverage.”

Now, I’m not saying David Carr isn’t a handsome man, but clearly he’s no Tim Tebow, so I don’t think the resulting media hype will be the same.  Maybe if Eli went topless as well, and he and Carr engaged in a little hot oil wrestling at training camp, then you might have something there.  Shirtless David Carr won’t get it done on his own.

But Eli actually prefers the Jets hog all the limelight, because that means Giants training camp is all about practice and getting ready for the season, without the annoying glare of a million cameras and nosy reporters endlessly hounding the players for interviews and soundbites.

“You think of training camp as time to interview all the football players, but for me it’s about practice,” he said.

“Every time you turn on the TV, it’s the Jets. SportsCenter is camped out at the Jets complex.

“I think they are moving everything from (ESPN headquarters in) Bristol (Conn.) to right there, to their complex over there. That will be an interesting move.”

Say what you will about Eli Manning and his somewhat milquetoast personality, but when the guy wants to bring it, he can bring it.

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