Paulina Gretzky at it again with sexy Complex magazine photoshoot and video

Paulina definitely knows how to win the Internet.

The Great One’s seductive and enchanting daughter Paulina recently did a photoshoot/interview with Complex magazine for their upcoming August/September 2012 issue (just in time for back to school…nice).  The Q & A with Gretzky is pretty standard fare, but the accompanying pictures, as well as the behind the scenes video of the shoot, are anything but.

Observe the masterful work of Complex photographer Tony Kelly



Yamma hamma, that will take the starch out of your shorts, if I may use that colloquial phrase.  Screw Wayne, Paulina deserves to be called “The Great One” from here on out.



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Editor's Picks

  • Tom Fitzgerald

    She is not that fascinating, and doesn’t deserve all that attention……. (G-R-E-T-Z-K-Y) is all she has!!

  • Watson

    She is a Smoker, which means she is butt ugly. 

  • Raymond

    You must be a Dick, eh ?

  • charlesclloyd

    I rate her as slightly above mediocre, for this kind of modelling.

  • CTSadler

    She better keep doing these shoots as she was booted from her high school.

  • FrillArtist

     She looks average at best and that’s over rating it.

  • FrillArtist

    He thinks there are far more attractive women, therefore, he MUST be gay. That makes sense…

  • ALZ

    Well, as for the negative comments, I have to say I to have seen better too, but to say she is butt ugly, I have to say I do not know what they are seeing or looking at for she is a keeper for any man and to say otherwise would be a sham… For me say this is extraordinary for I prefer Asians.

  • Jimmylee

    she sounds lazy and unaccomplish

  • Richard

    typanzze seen better

  • Dick Nuggets

    Love all the haters on here.  You pussies would wet your panties if she farted in your face…….

  • dumpyoudinoun

    she looks like she’s 38.. she must be living a rough life 

  • dumpyoudinoun

     you should kill yourself

  • dumpyoudinoun

     I see we have a SERIAL KILLER   here.. Pervert

  • StretchRun

    Without the last name, she really isn’t noteworthy in the least.  Her mother was prettier, sexier and obviously more talented, without being so outwardly trashy.  I’m sure this embarrasses her father who is the epitome of class for his generation.  What’s worse, she is clearly a dittz. 

  • rico

    Uugh, I want to watch the whole clip but can’t help thinking of Wayne Gretzky on a bikini. 

  • Gothicstatuette25

    When she lays on her back where the heck do her boobs disappear too? must sag off to the side!!!

  • John Dillinger

    are all of you woman hating fags going to start kissing or what?


  • embarassedforwomen

    I agree.  After reading your comment, I was hoping you could answer this question:  What does this have to do with sports?  Every sports page has this type of crap on it.  Women are stupid. 

  • Captainrocco

    I’d do her..


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