Since he can’t get a job in the NFL, Anthony “Spice” Adams has made a ‘Stuff NFL Free Agents Say’ video

DT Anthony “Spice” Adams, having spent four years with the 49ers, and the last five with the Chicago Bears, finds himself without a an NFL team as training camps open for the upcoming 2012 season.  The 32-year-old hasn’t had a sniff from any of the 32 teams in the league, so the former Nittany Lion has had to find other ways to fill the endless monotony that comes with being an unemployed professional football player.

Lucky for us Adams is both creative and funny, because he used his spare time to create a YouTube video titled Stuff NFL Free Agents Say, that is a five minute tour de force of what it’s like to fill the time when you’re waiting for a job offer.  Apparently it involves putting off your diet until the following week, playing countless video games, making sure the lights are turned off in the house, the occasional work out, crying in the shower, and incessantly answering your phone in the hopes that it’s your agent with a contract offer.

If Spice Adams doesn’t land a job in the NFL—and he should, based on principal alone after making this video— he can always be an adviser to other free agents looking to make hilarious YouTube videos.

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  • DawgDaze

    OMG!! this guy defiantly has a career on comedy central…I was rollin on the floor 

  • lepasc

    OMG….hahaha Thats some funny material! BANG-BANG!


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