600-pound black marlin jumps up on fishing boat while being reeled in, causes major havoc

The Kenny Loggins soundtrack is a nice touch.

Fish don’t like to be caught, but usually they’ll put up a fight before succumbing to the power and ingenuity of man.  But every once in a while one of those larger, better armed fish fights back, like this 600-pound black marlin did recently when a group of fisherman aboard the Australian fishing vessel Little Audrey tried reeling in this behemoth of a fish.

The marlin is having none of it, as he jumps onto the side of the boat and starts thrashing like River Phoenix outside the Viper Room.  In the melee the fish manages to knock over one of the fishermen before hurling a ladder at another of the anglers, clipping him in the head.  Eventually they were able to haul in the marlin, only to release him later.  The crew suffered only minor injuries, but considering the marlin is armed with a long, spear-like snout, they should consider themselves lucky they weren’t gored and hauled back to the marlin’s underwater lair to be abused by the rest of the marlin herd.

I’m glad the guys ended up letting the beast go, because if ever there was a fish that deserved its freedom, it’s this badass, ladder throwing black marlin.



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