German dude bouncing off the top of a frozen swimming pool is viral video gold

Is that a bratwurst in his shorts?

I’m sure our German friend here was doing this just for the Internet glory, just as I’m sure he was expecting the ice to break when he landed on it.  Too bad he misjudged the thickness of the ice and landed square on his ass.   So in a way he got what he wanted—as this video is going viral as we speak—and all it cost him was a bruised, possibly broken, coccyx.

Our intrepid hero’s attempt starts off alright, as he bravely cries “f*ck the f*cking cold” before taking off and performing a technically stunning cannonball. However, after smashing his tailbone on the ice, he’s heard to whimper “ow, mein arsch” over and over again, which loosely translates to “ow, my ass” in English.

It’s just as delicious in GIF form (via The Dallas Sports Rant)…

Nice to see German bros can be as imbecilic as their American counterparts.


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