Shirtless idiot wanders onto high school football field, gets much deserved beatdown by dads

I know I’ve said it a million times before, but if you’re stupid and/or drunk enough to wander out onto the field of play—for whatever reason it may be—you’re going to get exactly what you deserve, and what that is is a good old fashioned pummeling.  Take this shirtless guy for instance, who strolled out onto the field during a high school football game between Colfax (Calif.) and Placer and—after chucking a water bottle and picking up the football with half his ass hanging out—was properly lambasted by a father of one of the Placer players, who just so happened to be a former player himself.

It was a nice bit of teamwork by two of the dads, with the gentleman in the tan jacket acting as a diversion while the the aforementioned tackler—identified as Troy Minton-Sander—disposed of 25-year-old shirtless douchebag Patrick Hurley with a textbook blindside hit that would have made Ray Lewis green with envy.  Once on the ground a number of other bystanders jumped in to assist the dynamic duo until Hurley was subdued and taken off the field in handcuffs by security.

Considering that the guy didn’t stop fighting even though he was outnumbered by about 8 to 1 makes me think that either alcohol and/or drugs were involved.  The only thing that can be confirmed is that—judging by his actions and poor choice in attire—Patrick Hurley overdosed on a healthy amount of stupid.

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  • lepasc

    That old mofo who was trying to do a “foot lock” on him while there was like a thousand pounds on the drunk dude…oh man I would beat that old fuck so bad…
    I’m really sorry for my words but….man
    He waited until there was like….10 guys on the drunk to foot locked him and play the hero!!!Really?
    (I’m talking abt the guy with the beige jacket on your pic)
    I’m sorry Jeff G,but I guess I’m the Angry Fan right now…smh

    • Retardwhostandsupfordrunk

      lepasc you’re a loser yourself

      • elpasc-the13th

        Its been 2yrs and I still think abt the guy who came up w/ a username for (and ONLY for) me.
        Sadly he only wrote an ad hominem 🙁
        Just an argument would’ve been appreciated.He was a fallacious type of dude I guess.

  • lepasc

    Sorry,its this guy I meant.

  • EarlNash

    Should have let him have a free run back of a punt from the HS teams…


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