Still unemployed, Anthony “Spice” Adams starts training for the 2016 Summer Olympics

Gymnastics, as performed by a hulking, 300-pound former NFL lineman, is a sight to behold.

Last time we heard from former Bears lineman—and new friend of the site—Anthony “Spice” Adams, he was chilling at home, waiting to hear from an NFL team with a job offer, and creating a hilarious YouTube video titled Stuff NFL Free Agents Say.  Two months later and Spice is still unemployed, so he’s going with Plan B…training for the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro.

In the event usually dominated by slightly underdeveloped, extremely flexible teenage girls—Rhythmic Gymnastics.

Watch Adams’ latest slice of comedic gold, and pay special attention to his floor routine with the ribbon. It truly is sublime…

From the Big Man Unitard to the Big Gummy Bear, Adams has done it again with another stellar and uproarious video.   Plus he gets major props for attempting all those different exercises and not seriously injuring himself or any of his helpers. You don’t know real danger until you try spotting a 300-pound man bouncing around haphazardly on a trampoline.

[via @SpiceAdams]


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