Kobe Bryant giving Mike Brown the death stare not a good sign for the struggling Lakers


The Kobe Death Stare, ladies and gentlemen.

All is not well in Lakers land, as the team dropped to 1-4 on the season following a 95-86 loss to the Utah Jazz.  Newly acquired point guard Steve Nash is out for well over a month with a non-displaced fracture in his leg, and laughing off the team’s slow start to the season has slowly transformed into some real doubt about the team and its ability to perform as a cohesive unit in the absence of Nash.

Kobe Bryant, being the fierce competitor that he is, can not be too pleased with the Lakers’ performance, or the job being done by head coach Mike Brown, who prefers to run the Princeton offense vs the Pick-and-Roll.  How else to explain this icy stare he shot Brown’s way in the closing minute of the loss to the Jazz?  That’s the Kobe Bryant death stare, akin to the look you get from your wife or girlfriend when you royally f*ck up, and it’s a look no person wants to be on the receiving end of.

If looks could kill, Mike Brown would have been killed five times before he was dead.

It’s equally as powerful and deadly in GIF form (via @cjzero)…

With that look Mike Brown’s seat just got a whole lot warmer.

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