This little football playing girl absolutely dominated her boys’ youth league (VIDEO)

Here’s all you need to know about young Sam Gordon, other than the fact that she’s a girl playing running back  in a boys youth league…

232 carries

1,911 yards

8.2 yards per carry

35 touchdowns

What you’ll see when you watch her highlight video is a shifty, elusive running back with power and vision, who can break a tackle and take a hit with the best of them.  Seriously, she’s the greatest running back under 4-feet tall since Maurice Jones-Drew.

It’s like Eye of the Tiger meets Beast Mode, where everybody wins…except Sam Gordon’s opponents.

[via TPS]


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  • Casey

    SG2K For real!!!!!!

  • terrieca

    Amazing girl, but I think all of those kids are too young to be getting tackled and taken down on the field.  I hope she doesn’t have aggressive sporty parents who push her.  Her brain and body are still growing.  She will need them as she ages!  

    • anton4177

      Give it a rest.  And we wonder why the country is in the shape it is — we coddle children way too much.  Grow a pair.

      • Sydney

         Anton, we also have an increasing problem with young athletes who after multiple closed head injuries are unable to function at grade level in school.  Concussions are much more dangerous in kids this young because their brains are still developing and growing.  What @terrieca was talking about was NOT coddling, but holding off full contact for at least a couple of more years to give these kids brains more time to develop.  It’s troglodytes like you that push children to do more than even they think is appropriate.  It boils down to your two being way too big…

        • anton4177

          Again, give it a rest — I played every level of football, even 1-yr of pro ball and the equipment is far more advanced today than it ever was when I played.  Hell, my father played with a leather helmet, and never had a problem.  The bottom line is this — concussions are a big business now, so of course there are more “studies” being PAID for by those who want to cash in. 

          I’m not saying do not take precautions, but limiting a child’s ability to take part in character building sports when they are young, is to deprive them of one of the truest forms of childhood pleasure there is.  Not to mention, team sports, especially football tends to build character and leadership in later life.

          • ptpck29

            you never played squat. Madden on the XBOX don’t count!

          • Cameron Whittaker

             Despite the advances in helmets and equipment, most (including players, coaches and parents) don’t understand what equipment is actually protecting.  Helmets do NOT protect against concussions.  Helmets are designed to protect the scalp and skull.  Mouthguards can help lessen the occurance of concussions due to jaw hits (if they are not cut in the back), but NOTHING can prevent concussions from contact.  Picture trying to keep water still inside a jar as it bumps against something:  the jar may be intact, but the water is sloshing around inside.  I’m not against physicality in football, but especially in YOUNG players, there should be limited contact precisely because their brains are still forming and are much more vulnerable to even minor traumas.  Would you subject your child to 30 car crashes a week?  Even minor ones?  Full contact practice and games are the same impact on young brains. 

  • captaindandan

    This LITTLE GIRL has moxie and intuition that allows her to run ‘student body left’ and cut back against the grain like a pro; like Walter Payton, maybe even Tim Tebow.  Plus she plays defense and makes tackles.
    If you haven’t seen these film clips–you are MISSING OUT on a phenomenon .. just AMAZING

  • Brian Hightower

    GOHEAD SAM baby you DO ya THINGG n let NOBODY get in ya WAYY. I think your AWESOME. My SISTER DAWN STALEY used to play football with us the same way you play. GREAT JOBB

    • Louisa

      She is fabulous.

    • zipho1

      Thee Dawn Staley… from Philly… basketball legend…?

  • habfan33

    Dallas #1 draft pick in 2024. She’s already tougher than Dez Bryant

    • politicallytired

      Please.  The Redskins need her more.

  • habfan33

    Dallas #1 draft pick in 2024. She’s already tougher than Dez Bryant

  • lausmc

    WOW!!!  Awesome to see her run and hit like she does.  Girls really do mature before boys.  Would love to see you play for the TIDE.

  • MegaGorgo

    It is REALLY too bad that her football future is limited by the structure of football. She has 3 things at such an early age – ability to read her opposition, ability to move quickly and change directions, break tackles. Add to that just pure guts and power. Dang. Lucky town, they get to watch her for a few more years at least.

    • Brian Landick

      And then the boys hit puberty and she becomes a midget on the field. Its not the structure of football thats the problem, its evolution’s fault for making women child bearing

    • E Z Cheez

       It’s a new age man. depending on her genetics, she has a potential of being about 5′ 6″ and 5′ 10″. A little advanced training and nutrition and I’d give her a shot at making a college squad somewhere. A big part of sports is natural skill and ability. That’s how you get people like Barry Sanders, Spudd Webb, Muggsy Bogues and Doug Flutie. All players who have left a mark on sports while being of a disadvantaged stature. You can toughen anyone up, boy or girl. If she loves it there’s definitely an opportunity.

      • MegaGorgo

         I really hope so. She’s fun to watch.

  • K B

    Did they really have to speed up the tape?  Makes it look like a comedy film. 

  • Fred Montgomery

    With her speed, shiftiness and strength, Miss Gordon looks like a lady Black mamba (aka De Anthony Thomas).

  • ImaMsFit

    I can remember playing football in my youth, the 1950’s.  I played with the boys and loved it.  It was just pick up games, nothing organized and we didn’t wear equipment or try and intentionally try and hurt each other.Then I grew to realize as I got a bit older that the boys were piling on and trying to feel me up.  I remember walking home after that game, crying all the way.  No I wasn’t hurt, just aware my football days were over…..

  • bonkfish

    most awesome thing I’ve ever seen…………..Sam you rock!!!!!!

  • Arthur C. Facci

    Holy cow that little girl is an animal lol

  • Patrick

    No surprise at that age. little boys and little girls bodies are about the same, Wait till they reach puberty and boys begin producing testosterone! Then muscle mass comes and girls are left in the dust. Evolution baby!

  • Straight Jacket

    the next barry sanders

  • idiocracyrules

    Great player, but I imaginegiven hr small size she stands a good chance of being badly hurt.  She’s a lot smaller than most of the boys.  Mom and dad need to wake up and call it a career for her.

  • zipho1

    Love this… we need to celebrate.. encourage.. support our little girl who want to compete in athletics… and anything else they are about… do your thing girly girl…

  • Robert

    She is as elusive as my daughter when it’s time for homework!  She is fast as hell and probably will be a seriously fast sprinter in track at some point.  Pretty impressive little athlete.

  • Willie Morris


  • Willie Morris


  • Jackhammer Murphy

    Are we sure her last name isn’t really Peterson & her daddy’s name is Adrian?

  • anthony cox

    The fact is, at that age yeah girls can compete with boys at football. As soon as the boys get bigger and meaner and hair on their balls, the girl is going to get her ass kicked. period. So what is this proving.

  • Blitzdawg

    OMG it’s 8 year olds for goodness sake…wait till high school…secondly she’s playing against slow footed non athletic 8 year old white boys…put her in an inner city pee wee league and watch her get shut down.

  • gunga_din

    I’m sick of hearing about this kid already! First of all, SHE’S EIGHT YEARS OLD! Most of the kids that she’s playing against can barely move with all of those pads on. It’s not like we’re talking about a really competitive level of football here! All three of my kids have played at this level….I played at this level. I know what it’s like. Get one kid who’s a little more mature than the others and you can dominate. Second, who’s the sick parent or coach that’s keeping her ridiculous stats? Common sense will tell you that, again, if you have one kid (boy or girl) who’s faster than everyone else on the field, she’s going to put up sick numbers. So enough already! This hype sounds like the result of her agent/parents. We’ve all seen the type.

  • KeepOnLearning

    She runs and dodges like a motorized Weeble!

  • Dan Lawler

    This is a disgrace. Who cares how many carries or yards. There 9 years old. Another parent living through their kid. This is silly


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