Women’s soccer player smashes opponent in the face not once, but twice, during throw-in (VIDEO)

Women soccer players are nasty.

Seems that Division III college soccer can be a pretty rough affair, especially when the women of Amherst and Colby meet up in the 2012 NESCAC playoffs .  Or at least it would seem that way after Amherst defender Emily Little was given a yellow card for nailing Colby midfielder Maddie Tight not once, but twice in the face during her throw-in attempt.

Granted, the first time Little’s toss finds Tight’s face could have been chalked up to a mere accident, but the second time leaves little doubt that it was a 100% intentional move, and rather oddly timed, seeing that Amherst was up 1-0 when Little went head hunting.  Maybe it was a time killing tactic since it happened near the end of regulation, or maybe it was payback for something Tight had gotten away with earlier in the game.  Either way, that was some really poor sportsmanship on Emily Little’s part…headache inducing poor sportsmanship at that.


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