Belfast Giants forward Craig Peacock took a skate to the face, and the resulting injury is horrific

Trust me when I say this, the before picture is a million times worse.

That poor chap with the upper lip full of stitches is Craig Peacock, a 24-year-old forward for the Belfast Giants of the UK’s Elite Ice Hockey League.  While playing the Fife Flyers this past Saturday Peacock took out the Flyers’ Bobby Chaumont by dumping him over the boards.  Chaumont’s skate came up in the process and sliced Peacock in the face, resulting in the nasty cut you see in the picture above that took a whopping 29 stitches to close.

But wait, there’s more.  Not only did Peacock do us a huge favor by tweeting out the above pic, he followed it up by posting a photo of his grotesque upper lip before doctors stitched him up.  And it is horrific beyond belief.  Think of the nastiest, deepest, gnarliest cut you’ve ever seen, add some more blood and scar tissue, commit it to memory, and it will still pale in comparison to Peacock’s monstrous gash.

Best to bail out now if you’ve got a weak stomach.

Last chance.

Don’t say you weren’t warned.

I’ve always wondered what someone would look like with two mouths on one face.  Thanks to Craig Peacock and his affinity for tweeting pics of his disgusting facial injuries, now I know.

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