Nets’ Kris Humphries has free throw attempt blocked by referee Courtney Kirkland

Pretty sure Humphries wasn’t expecting that.

Here’s something you have probably never seen before, and probably will never see again, in an NBA game—a player getting stuffed while attempting a free throw. To make the moment even rarer—and infinitely more comical—is that the person blocking the shot isn’t a player on the opposing team, but rather one of the on-court officials channeling his inner Serge Ibaka.

Late in the fourth quarter of Brooklyn’s 94-88 win over the dreadful Toronto Raptors, Nets forward Kris Humphries was lining up for a free throw when out of nowhere came referee Courtney Kirkland for the block.  Seems Kirkland was hell bent on preventing Humphries from taking his shot before several players had substituted into the game.  Humphries would shake off the fine defensive effort by Kirkland and sink the ensuing free throw.

Here it is in all its GIFtacular form…

Considering how terrible the Raps are right now, maybe they should sign Kirkland to a 10-day contract. Hey, at a woeful 4-19 on the season I’m sure Toronto’s willing to try just about anything.

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