Raptors Amir Johnson wins the award for the NBA’s most bizarre ejection of the year


The Raptors are in the midst of a season for the ages, but for all the wrong reasons.  To say the team is struggling would be a gross understatement—the Raps have lost five in a row on their western road trip, as well as 10 of their last 11, and have pretty well thrown in the towel on the 2012-13 season and we’re only halfway through December.  Monday night Toronto put forth yet another putrid effort, this time in a 94-72 loss to Portland, but all anyone will be talking about in that game will be Raptors forward Amir Johnson’s bizarre ejection after a run-in with referee David Jones.

As you saw in the video above, Johnson—for reasons known only to him—attempted to wrestle the ball away from Jones following a Trail Blazers free throw.  When he wouldn’t give up the ball the pair had words and Jones justifiably ejected Johnson.  This totally sent Johnson over the edge, and as teammates restrained him from going after the ref, he took out his mouthpiece and threw it at Jones’ back.  Apparently Amir has a pretty decent arm because his throw was on target, and he nailed the referee square in the back with his disgusting, saliva covered mouthpiece.

Expect David Stern and the NBA to have a closer look at Amir Johnson’s wild antics, and to lighten his wallet considerably via a well deserved fine.



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  • Sparg

    Crap like this happens when we create such man children.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1336927250 Clay Jones

    Anyone else sick to death of punk athletes?  I damn sure am.

  • Tommy_Fitz

    This reminded me of kindergarten, “I’m taking my ball and going home.”

  • http://twitter.com/KaliBoltWolf Wolf Beals

    Typical and growing feral black behavior. Will get worse before it gets any better!

    • WolfBeals

      Wolf Beals,

      Besides your apparent lack of grammatical skills, your racist remarks make you look like an idiot. One can assume that you hear this quite often, especially from your father as he rides you from behind.

      • http://twitter.com/lupy1234 shawn lupinacci

         If it was a black ref…it would of never happened.  NBA is a majority of black players…so really it is not a racist comment.

      • Dan

        Soooooo, you rip into that guy for being racist yet you follow it up with a homophobic remark? Your hypocrisy makes you look like an even bigger idiot.

    • tosin07192

      you are an idiot, like this shyt doesn’t happen to black refs and other race refs as well but you know I see right thru your cover up, you’re a punk like those WHITE refs that wear their egos on their sleeves, they get intimated by just one stare (check out the rasheed wallace gets ejected for staring at ref vid) ha! b*tch asses

  • guest

    Just another reason I don’t spend a dollar of my money to watch the NBA. 

  • ClarkWendel

    Enough of this African Handball league. Get this hockey dispute settled. Tired of all the ghetto boy gangsters.

    • tosin07192

      haha funny work’s bad huh? you’re starving? bills getting higher? you have cancer? life’s just not great huh? keep ya head up bro, maybe one day you’ll leave that burger joint

  • bajaman123

    What a pussy of a ref!  I’d have knocked that ref the F out!  THEN suspend me, fool.
    These refs are just like most cops, power hungry little micro-dik fellas that feel they have to prove something.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/DJPKODB5GVPB5MH76UI7CTCOPA Thomas

    Just another case of dumb ass, overly paid athletes losing their cool.  If only they would have had a normal Father/Mother upbringing………

    • tosin07192

      hater if you watched the vid, you’d see that the ref was ego-trippin as usual. Al Amir did was get the ball, it was eventually gonna be given to him anyway, but the ref had to make a blow it outta proportion because he has a lil ego…and if they didn’t have good upbringing why are they in the NBA n why are you behind the computer watching them from your screen or reading bout them? the way I see it, their parents taught em how to be successful instead of being a couch potato

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/PHWNSUYM3LYFYMY53LEHJBT4DA djprr

    thats a no no! can’t be throwing stuff at referees! this guy deserves a hefty fine as well


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