Senator Harry Reid compared the Republican party to the New York Jets while addressing the Senate

No really, he went there.

Only Harry Reid could mix politics with football and make it sound cool.

Senator Harry Reid (D-Nevada)—as avowed and knowledgeable a sports fan as there is in politics–was addressing the Senate floor this past Thursday when he figured he’d drop some sports wisdom on his fellow senators by comparing the Republican party’s current situation to the New York Jets and the current mess they’re dealing with at the quarterback position.

Said Reid…

“Coach [Rex] Ryan — he’s got a problem. He’s got three quarterbacks. [Mark] Sanchez, he’s got Tim Tebow, and he’s got a guy by the name of [Greg] McElroy. He can’t decide who their quarterback is going to be. That’s the same problem the Republicans are having. Romney’s gone, but he’s still in the background. Who is the quarterback, Mr. President? My friend talks about the trillions of dollars of debt. Mr. President, we just had an election. The people overwhelmingly know why we have this deficit.”

We don’t do politics around here so I really have no idea if this is an appropriate comparison or not.  All I know is, to hear a United States senator taking a shot at the GOP by taking a shot at the New York Jets is truly a remarkable thing, although I have a feeling the majority of Reid’s colleagues had the same blank look on their face as the guy did sitting next to the Nevada senator as he spoke…

Guaranteed this guy is thinking, “Who the hell are Mike Sanchez, Tom Tebrow and Greg McIntyre and why have they never been in my kitchen?”

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