Dan Marino used to enjoy yoga with heat lamps and hairy guys in Speedos

Dan Marino

I was going to present this picture of Dan Marino doing yoga without comment, but that hairy, Speedo wearing guy in the background blew that idea right out of the water.

From Andy Gray, curator of SI Vault, Sports Illustrated’s online archive, comes this photo of a younger, sweaty Dan Marino stretching it out during a yoga class in April of 1994.  I’m assuming the heat lamps were being incorporated to make this more a hot yoga class, rather than your average, run-of-the mill yoga class. That being said, I think the heaters may have been in place to help that nearly naked guy in the background achieve a glossy sheen of sweat, so that he could finally get all the knots out of his body hair.  Trust me, excessively hirsute gentleman in Speedos have to think outside the box you know.  Plus it would explain the look of subtle disgust on Dan Marino’s face, which matches mine every time I look at this picture.


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