DeAngelo Hall looks exactly like James Harden, only bald and clean shaven (GIF)

At first glance Redskins DB DeAngelo Hall and Rockets guard James Harden look nothing alike, but that probably has more to do with Hall’s lack of facial hair versus Harden’s prodigious beard and less to do with dissimilarities in facial structure.  Then I saw this GIF of DeAngelo Hall with James Harden’s beard, and it made me spit my coffee out…and I wasn’t even drinking any.

Was your mind blown, because mine sure was.  The resemblance is uncanny, and if you ask me, Hall looks better with Harden’s hair and beard, but I’m biased towards facial hair since my sister started dating Brian Wilson’s beard.  Not Wilson himself, just his beard.

True story.

Either way, that is the greatest set of doppelgangers since Mike Tomlin and that black dude from House.

James Harden



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