Chelsea’s Eden Hazard kicked a ball boy in the ribs during Swansea match

Eden HazardChelsea was facing elimination during their Capital One Cup match against Swansea, as the teams were scoreless late in the match. Swansea was ahead 2-0 on aggregate, so it was imperative that Chelsea get something going in the last 10 minutes of regulation should they have any hope of advancing to the cup final. Unfortunately for The Blues they would have to do the improbable with only 10 men after Eden Hazard was sent off for kicking a ball boy who refused to turn the ball over to the Chelsea forward at the 79-minute mark of the match.

As you can tell in the above video (before it gets taken down, of course), the ball boy deliberately keeps from turning the ball over to Hazard, despite the fact that the ball belongs to Chelsea at that point, eventually laying on top of it. Hazard kicks the ball out from underneath the prone ball boy, kicking him in the ribs as he does so, thus earning himself a straight red card and ejection from the game. It didn’t help Hazard’s cause that the kid milked the “injury” for all it was worth.

The blame here should fall as much on the kid as it does Hazard. Obviously kicking the ball boy in the side, whether intentional or not, is not the best course of action in this situation, but so too is refusing to turn over the ball to a player who’s team is in rightful possession of said ball.  Not sure what was going through the kid’s mind—unless the ball was actually his and he wanted to take it and go home—but he learned a valuable life lesson that day…Eden Hazard is not above kicking a child.

The game would end in a draw, meaning Swansea will face League Two Bradford in the final.

Here it is in GIF form (via MockSession)…

Eden Hazard


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  • john

    should be banned for life

    • steve audey

       The ballboy?  I agree.  The kid was deliberately trying to slow play down and then faked an injury afterwards. 

      Having been in a similar situation, I completely support the player in this instance.

      • Scott

        Agree the ball boy should be banned from working anymore games the player should be sat for a couple of games. I just wonder when the ballboy and his worthless parents will be suing the player looking for there golden goose with the golden egg

    • martymoose

      Yes John, you should be banned for life…LOL! Let me guess, you’re that punk kid’s dad..?

  • john

    hazard should be banned for life what a joke this Muppet is

    • Noneofyourbusiness

       No, he did exactly as he should…the ball boy should be banned as he was the poor sport to begin with. Are you a Swansea fan? (btw, I’m an Arsenal fan, so don’t even say I like Chelsea. I don’t.)

  • Laurie Allmaras

    I agree the boy should be banned.  While kicking the kid wasn’t prob the best idea, the kid is a poor sport and trying to mess with the game.

  • compass102

    Hazard kicked the ball, the kid had no business trying to keep it away from him.

  • Daniel Hoffman

    i thought only the players dove and milked their injuries, but apparently the ball boys do too!

  • fpschar

    Like most soccer players acting to get hurt when touched, the ballboy did the same and feigned more. I think soccer players should get acting careers along with the ballboy.  Please!!

    • Jessie James

      please come to london, you wil actually meet some soccer players. i’m sure you won’t run your mouth.

      america will never win the world cup or the World baseball classic.

      • Cody Downing

        No, we won’t.
        Because we have a little something called Football to preoccupy us from sissy actors of soccer. Honestly, who fakes an injury?

        • Bryan Martin

          I agree with you Cody, I would put Soccer and the WWF on the same level.(Actors) now even a ball boy feels entitled…American Football, it gets no better.

          • Anthony

            Don’t blame wrestling. They started this fake “hurt my leg crap” before wrestling. But the player is fine as soon as a penalty card is given to the other team.

          • Shaun

             unless of course you play or watch hockey then you know what a real sport is and so is playing when injured being the norm.

        • Trinbagoman

          You so called macho football players dont fake injuries …You only fake girlfriends and their imaginary deaths.

          • Joe Kuykendall

            cue the American crickets…

          • SaukFox

            well played sir. well played

      • Noneofyourbusiness

         Never say never, but our current crop of players certainly won’t….I do agree though, that many who bad mouth (and real football is European Football, not our US ‘football’ (which is more like ‘hand ball’)) the football players would be contrite and overly polite in person, unless they were behind a barrier with thousands of other people  heckling said football players.

        Most people are pussies when it comes to real personal confrontations.

  • Kevin T

    The ball boy was a little twit and shouldn’t be surprised what happened to him.

  • Noneofyourbusiness

     Kid deserved it. It wasn’t a hard kick it was a “give me the damn ball” kick.

  • scott jevans

    first of all, what the hell was that kid doing just laying on the ball?…Second, in a sport where grown men drop to the ground as if they were just shot by a sniper every time they even brush against each other, a bitch move like that is expected from little bitches that fake injury all day…someone should kick that players teeth out.

  • gabe j

    I wish he had gotten the little punk in the balls as well to prevent him from breeding. 

  • CeeGee

    OK, I dont really watch soccer (I swear I tried a couple times, but it just wouldn’t take), but couldnt the clock stop, or be allowed to be reset (and obviously the boy removed for interference or whatever). I mean, is it just whatever goes? If a player brought a knife and popped the ball, would the clock keep going until a new ball was found? (Although this sheds some light on all the soccer riot deaths, or why they keep playing even after people in the crowds are killed)

  • Joe Kuykendall

    I would of kicked the boy in the junk or throat…hell both. 

  • Tonya Carder


  • Tonya

    The kid was a punk for laying on the ball! You can tell he is involved with soccer b/c he milked the injury. He should have done is rightful job and picked the ball up and handed it to the player! Now on the other side, the player shouldn’t have kicked him – no matter how angry or impatient that he was. He could have pushed him over and that wouldn’t have been as bad. 


    Soccer…a game played by adolescent girls in the US and pussy men around the rest of the world…Eurotrash men should really figure out how to grow a pair…


    Soccer…a game played by adolescent girls in the US and pussy men around the rest of the world…Eurotrash men should really figure out how to grow a pair…Read more at

  • Omar Alidi

    OK i don’t think how much difference does it make but the ball wasn’t Chelsea’s , the assistant referee clearly is calling a Goal kick as you can also tell from the players all heading away form the goal. now i think hazard was under the impression that it was a corner as you can see him heading to the corner before changing direction and go for the by, as i see it the kid is a punk and hazard was trying to get the ball with that kick( not that he cared if he got some of the kid with it, i know i wouldn’t)

  • Mike Nugent

    I would have kicked the ball boy in the nuts for intentionally holding up the match and being such a A**HOLE 

  • Shaun

    The ballboy got what was coming to him. He doesn’t have a uniform on and is not on either team. He’s lucky Hazard didn’t kick his teeth out.

  • TaraWyman

    The ball boy should lose his job and be banned for the rest of the season.

  • Cynthia Uribe

    So sad.  Why would anyone kick a boy?  Barbarian.

  • Cynthia Uribe

    Shocking.  I don’t care if the boy was wrong, immature, whatever.  You don’t kick a kid.  You just don’t go there.  Have some class or get out of the game you Primal Cave Man Freak.

  • J_R_Brown

    There is not justification for kicking a ball boy….none.  To rationalize it as the kid deserved it for holding onto the ball just show what a bunch of idiots like soccer.  What’s next…cracking a kid in the ribs with a bat because he throws a foul ball into the crowd at an MLB game?

    The player who kicked the kid deserves more than a red card….he deserves a stiff punch in the throat

  • whoknew11

    I would have kicked that little fart too. I heard somewhere that the kid tweeted before the game that he was going to disrupt the game some how.

  • This Guy

    To be honest I think he was trying to kick the ball from underneath the kid and as collateral damage hit the kid in the chest (which he deserved).


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