Hunter S. Thompson’s daily routine would kill any person not named Keith Richards

Hunter S Thompson

How Hunter S. Thompson lived to be 67-years-old amazes me even more after reading this.

Yeah, famed author Hunter S. Thompson lived life by his own rules, and that list above shows us that his rules for daily living included three basic necessities of life—drugs, drugs, and more drugs. I do love his food choices though.  Fettucine Alfredo, cheeseburgers, cole slaw, onion rings, Chivas infused snow cones, and a grapefruit pretty well covers all the basic food groups.

I don’t suggest people try this at home, as this daily routine is Not Suitable for Life.  And while Hunter S. Thompson may be deceased, there’s little doubt in my mind that his liver still surges with raw power somewhere in the universe, because an entity that strong, that powerful, and able to handle that much cocaine, can’t be destroyed by anything man-made.



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