Justin Bieber met Michael Jordan and the amount of swag was almost unbearable

Justin Bieber

Swagerrific photo via the Bobcats’ Instagram account.

Most people outside the females age 12-24 demographic hate Justin Bieber with a passion, but I don’t. Biebs is just a kid from a small Canadian town, living the dream as it were. I’m sure 99% of those people that hate him would trade places with him in a second, even it was just for one day, because being Bieber for one day might mean you get to hang out with NBA legend Michael Jordan. That alone would be totally worth all the vitriol you’d have spewed at you if you were able to somehow switch places with the Biebs for a 24-hour period.

Bieber is on his “Believe” tour and one of his recent stops was the Time Warner Cable Arena in Charlotte, where Jordan’s Bobcats play their home games. His Airness must have hung around to meet the Biebs, and although you can’t tell from the picture, Bieber himself was more than a little stoked about the meeting himself…

With my luck, if I traded places with Justin Bieber for a day, it’d be the day Biebs hits puberty, loses all his female admirers, and I’d only be able to meet Sam Bowie.

[H/T to Ball Don’t Lie]


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