Kate Upton’s Super Bowl ad teaser for Mercedes features slow-motion and soap bubbles

Kate Upton

Kate Upton and Mercedes—two things that are completely out of my league.

Wait, since when did Super Bowl commercials have their own teaser trailers? Is this a new thing, or have I just fallen out of the loop yet again. Anywho, the German automobile manufacturer went and nabbed the voluptuous Kate Upton to star in their Super Bowl XLVII commercial for the new 2014 Mercedes-Benz CLA. In the teaser trailer Upton sexily and sultrily “washes” one of the new cars in slow-motion, and by washes I mean she has a bunch of football players doing the dirty work for her…

Wait, there was a car in that clip?

Would that teaser have been better had Kate Upton been doing the car washing? Of course. Does this mean it’s not worthy of repeated viewings? Absolutely not. Would I still cut off my left arm to be the guy that is responsible for bubble placement in Upton’s hand? I think you know the answer to that one.

[H/T to The Big Lead]


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  • http://www.gibbook.com/ Alfred Ballester

    Nice car!!!

  • TheMokoda

    Shameless lasciviousness to sell a car. Rather pathetic actually.
    But they chose a popular ‘sex symbol’ at least. Or of course.
    But let’s see, Kate Upton: Very pretty girl, skinny legs, flat butt, no hips nor waist, full breasts (if that’s your thing I guess that’s a plus), she’s famous (which is somewhat alluring in itself) and a look that says, “You can have sex with me if you want to; all you have to do is buy this car.” Seriously? I’m going to buy a Mercedes because of that?
    Even if I had a realistic chance of being with her (which I DON’T and none of you drooling dolts do either, not a fat chance by a long shot), that’s not going to make me buy a car…ANY car!

    • Steven Benson

      Skinny legs and you’re complaining? Perhaps you’d rather have some fat chick with–you guessed it, fat legs and a big butt. Get with it, man.

  • captaindandan

    She is a young, beautiful girl. I  hope she grows up without all the problems/troubles that plaqued  MONROE, Lindsey Lohan, etc.etc. WOW she is a living doll. 

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/Q4CMIGPUPVRZBX4ZUMTSR7XCEI Alberto

    she ain’t no body by fisher

  • RebelFlag

    Is Kate, Te’o girlfriend to? I think she has more class than that.

  • RebelFlag

    Is Kate, Te’o girlfriend to? She has more class than that!

  • FrankTalkOnIssue

    She could have at least hood-slided the MB


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