Katherine Webb to cover Super Bowl XLVII for Inside Edition

Katherine WebbFor all those naysayers who were admonishing Brent Musburger for publicly fawning over Alabama QB A.J. McCarron’s attractive girlfriend Katherine Webb during the BCS National Championship Game, be prepared to eat some crow, as Webb announced via Twitter that she has been tabbed by the entertainment news program Inside Edition to cover Super Bowl XLVII this coming February 3.  I’m positive this opportunity wouldn’t have presented itself to Webb had Musburger not gone gaga over her during the broadcast, despite her obvious “talents.”

This seems like a no brainer for Inside Edition—not only is Webb gorgeous and well spoken, she’s probably fairly knowledgeable when it comes to football, thanks to boyfriend McCarron.  Add to the fact that she’s been tearing up the Internet the last month following the Musburger incident, so her popularity (as evidenced by her 271,000 Twitter followers) is peaking, which means it’s a good time to cash in on her sudden fame before the former Miss Alabama USA becomes yesterday’s news.

Will she do well?  It’s probably safe to assume yes.  But if she somehow screws up terribly on-air, I doubt it will matter much.  Guaranteed that 99% of the guys tuning in to see Webb’s coverage of the Super Bowl for Inside Edition won’t be watching for her insight and analysis.


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  • http://profile.yahoo.com/CXGQOBBII4ZJUGSKDFN25ZRKKM Mike

    Assuming Samantha Steele-Ponder couldn’t cover the Super Bowl for Inside Edition, Ms. Webb seems like a great choice…too bad BOTH can’t cover the event.  Can you spell MAN CANDY?
    Pats over SF, 38-26.

  • John

    She’ll be as good as Erin Andrews, but without the annoying voice. Good for her.

  • denvertc

    She got this gig through “hard work”, “talent”, “skill”, and her “brains”.  Those 2 big, beautiful, surgically implanted brains!!!   I say, show off your smarts and brains, girlfriend!!!  Show ’em off!!!!

  • http://twitter.com/gregorysims5 daleboi19

    she can’t be as BAD ( LOW SPORTS IQ)  or obnoxious as Erin Andrews with her squeaky voice ..ALWAYS TRYING to flaunt her body in that commercial and Dancing with the Stars while at the same time being emotionally scarred from the guy who keyholed her pic walking aroung nude…..I THINK HE KINDA MADE HER FAMOUS….


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