LeBron James shares moment of sheer joy with fan who makes $75,000 half-court shot

LeBron JamesDuring halftime of the Pistons-Heat game one lucky fan—50-year-old computer technician Michael Drysch—had the chance at a $75,000 prize if he could hit a shot from half-court. Drysch had won the chance to take the shot and was flown in from his Illinois home by James’ foundation. By the miracle of miracles Drysch made the shot, with a Kareem-esque sky hook no less, and no one was more excited about the ball going in than Drysch…except maybe LeBron James, who leaped into Drysch’s waiting arms and wrestled him to the floor out of sheer exuberance and childlike joy.

No matter what your opinion is of LeBron James, you have to admit that this was a wonderful gesture on his part. Not only does Drysch win a sweet $75,000 by making one incredible shot, but he also became BFF’s with the NBA’s greatest player, if only for a few minutes. I’m thinking that when Michael Drysch went to see the Heat play the Pistons tonight he never expected either one of those things to happen, let alone both (he said he practiced the shot numerous times, only making it once). That’s a lot to take in one night for some dude from McHenry, Illinois.

As for LeBron, so long as he keeps doing genuinely cool stuff like this, it will be harder and harder for people to keep disliking him. Give the guy credit…he’s obviously working on improving his image, and so far it seems to be working. If it takes tackling chubby computer technicians in yellow sweatshirts and cargo shorts, so be it.

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