Rex Ryan’s right arm has a tattoo of his wife wearing a Mark Sanchez jersey and nothing else

Rex Ryan is taking a much needed vacation in the Bahamas with his wife, and while the Jets head coach was catching some rays a NY Daily News photographer snapped a photo of Ryan sporting a tattoo of what looks to be his wife wearing nothing but a green Mark Sanchez jersey.

I’ll just let that soak in for a bit.

Here’s the photo with said tattoo (via the NY Daily News), and if you look closely, it looks as if his pantsless wife in the ink may be in the pose known as Tebowing, which may or may not blow your everloving mind as it did mine…

Rex Ryan

At least this clears up why Ryan was stuck on Sanchez being his starter. It’s hard to bench a guy whose jersey you got tattooed on your arm, especially when said jersey is covering your wife’s naked torso. And you know that she either posed like that for the tattoo, or at the very least posed for a picture that was the basis for Ryan’s ink, which makes the Jets coach’s tattoo all the more awkward.

Here’s a close-up of Ryan’s sexy tattoo, because you know you want a better look…

Rex Ryan tattoo

It’s obvious Rex Ryan loves his wife, which is sweet, and we’ve known for a while that he’s a big supporter of Mark Sanchez, but let’s hope this tattoo doesn’t represent some weird sexual fantasy involving Ryan’s wife and Sanchez (or a Sanchez jersey), because that would be just way too freaky deaky, even for Rex Ryan.


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  • JG

    he’s a sick puppy, everyone knows that

  • cphilano

    If nothing else this shows a lack of professionalism on Ryan’s part. What a douche bag!

  • bnchy

    At least it wasn’t a pantsless Mark Sanchez wearing his jersey. 

  • TBD

    Why would any Idiot think that this was this man’s wife… Stupid Asses! Damn media always trying to stir up some S**T and most of these Idiots will follow suit… “SMDH”

  • nedmorlef

    Thanks for painting a picture. I’ll never be able to watch the jets play without seeing a toe licking threesome during every blitz.

  • tridandtru

    he’s on vacation, on a beach, in the bahamas. this is a non story trying to be negative and everybodies falling for it.  

  • DiscusBS

    That explains a lot about his decision making this past season. And with that known they fire the GM????

    • Eric Argoni

      LOL you act like he had alot of QBs to choose from. Tebow is the worst qb in nfl history and Greg Mcelroy is HORRIBLE

  • Franky

    Rex Ryan Sucks On Sanchez’s Toes While His Wifey Smokes Sanchez and Tebow Watches! Yeah! Gang Bang Green Baby!

  • ArizonaMomma

    Rex Ryan is a pervert and idiot. He is a horrible head coach and they really should fire the jerk. He knows nothing about being a head coach. He has caused more termoil on that team then one can imagine. If he thinks Sanchez is the answer he needs his head examined. What a fool.

    • Eric Argoni

      lol a pervert? where the hell did that come from? He took the jets to 2 AFC title games his first 2 seasons, hes far from a bad coach. He has no good players due to the GM being fucking terrible. What turmoil did he cause? He predicted his team would win the super bowl?

      • ArizonaMomma

        You are a perv also. He is an idiot just like you. I come from this planet obviously you don’t. The Jets suck and so do you. Where are you in the playoff status this year. Sanchez is a loser and so are you. So f–k off @sshole.

  • Steve

    Can you say “Dirty Sanchez”. Yea I said it.

  • QuickRelease

    Just further proof of what a moron Rex Ryan really is.  When will the ownership finally come to realize that Rex is not head coaching material?  Mediocrity is all that lies in the Jets future with Ryan at the helm.

    • Eric Argoni

      he took the team to 2 AFC title games in his first 2 seasons. your a dipshit if you think thats bad. He had no talent because the GM was horrible at getting talent. 

  • Nick

    A loser with a loser’s tatoo.  How could the Jet keep this idiot?

  • Terry W

    hmm that is a picture of a left and right arm so unless he has the same exact tat on both arms it is a fake

    • Nick

       It’s his right arm each time.  But still what a weirdo.

    • Art Milbuta

      They just cropped the picture to the arm and turned it 90o (layed it on it’s side) so you can see the picture better…

  • Tom Gregory

    maybe you want to please your mate ( SANCHEZ) with body art and keeping him happy at starting quarterback. the whole organizations front office is prbably doing Sanchez. that’s why he cant perform on Sunday.SEX TOY FATIGUE

  • Art Milbuta

    Maybe that’s the impression Ryan has of Sanchez playing QB like a blond little girl… LOL

  • Bill

    on his left arm is a tatoo of his brother wearing a romo jersey

  • Android Extreme

    Maybe it was a tattoo of Mark Sanchez with some room for artistic creativity.

  • Franky

    And She’s On Her Knees! I Love It!

  • bossoxfan2004


  • wyogbp

    hey rex thank god there were no pita tree huggers hanging out at the pool ! otherwise they may have tried to drag you back into the sea!

  • wyogbp

    hey rex thank god there were no pita tree huggers hanging out by the pool! otherwise they may have tried to drag/roll you back into the sea!

  • Daniel Barber

    Mark Sanchez must have pretty feet. That would explain a lot


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