Andrew Bynum continues to impress with his outlandish hairdos, debuts wildest one yet

Andrew Bynum’s lingering knee injury has prevented him from playing not even a minute of basketball for the Philadelphia 76ers, but somehow he’s remained relevant this NBA season because of his ridiculous hairstyles. Tuesday he debuted his most freaky deaky look yet, a surefire contender for wildest hairdo in league history…

Andrew Bynum

Wow, Bynum has reached a whole new level of awesomeness with that do. I’m not sure what’s going on there, whether he was in a rush to do his interview and only got half his hair finished, but I prefer to think that the 76ers center did this on purpose, because Andrew Bynum is the very soul of YOLO. Hey, dude may look the fool, but Bynum knows his hair is his bread and butter. The only way he could have improved on that look would have been had he shaved off half his goatee.

And this being Bynum and his incredible mane, there’s already been a photoshop or two, with this one by @gwiss being the clear cut winner…

Andrew Bynum 1

Andrew Bynum is Two-Face? That’s worthy of a slow clap…

slow clap

[top image via @JordanRaanan]


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Editor's Picks

  • Ronk25

    Some people are just crying out to be noticed. This usually has some psychological issues around it. He looks like 1/2 of a  Buckwheat.  

  • AAASportsMemorabilia

    Definitely ridiculous.  He definitely has the need for attention, but unfortunately for him, he probably doesn’t realize he is making a fool of himself.

  • Mikedeeemcee

    Andrew is just a big overgrown baby. I’m glad the Lakers pawned off this headcase when did. He should worry about his rehab instead of bowling and taking hair advice from Tina Turner.

  • William SengerFinn

    Is that what ya call “Split Personality” ? 


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