Paralympian Oscar Pistorius mistook his girlfriend for a burglar, allegedly shot and killed her (UPDATE)

Oscar PistoriusStrange and tragic story out of South Africa as Paralympic gold medallist Oscar Pistorius—the first double amputee to compete in the Olympics—allegedly shot and killed his girlfriend in the early morning hours after mistaking her for an intruder at his Silver Lakes home.

Pistorius, known as Blade Runner for his custom running prosthetics, made headlines this past summer after running in the 400 m and 4 x 400 m relay at the 2012 Summer Olympics in London. The South African runner has a long and storied Paralympics career, and has been decorated for his achievements both on and off the track.

According to South African police, Pistorius’ girlfriend was shot in the head and arm and died at the scene. Police reportedly took the 26-year-old into custody for questioning about the incident.

From the New Zealand Herald

Double amputee and Paralympic gold medallist Oscar Pistorius has reportedly shot and killed his girlfriend, after mistaking her for a burglar.

South African media are reporting the incident happened at his Silver Lakes home at around 4am on Thursday morning.

Captain Sarah Mcira confirmed to a South African website that Pistorius’s girlfriend was shot in the head and arm and died at the scene.

Pistorius, 26, dubbed Blade Runner for the blade-like prosthetics he wears for his double under-knee amputation, is reportedly in police custody.

Just terrible, terrible news. Obvious thoughts and prayers go out to the young woman’s family and friends, and to Pistorius himself, who is no doubt sick over what took place. Since this is breaking news, and details scarce, check back here often as we will post more information when it becomes available.

UPDATE: According to news24, the latest is that a 9mm handgun was recovered at the scene, and Pistorius’ girlfriend was shot four times in total. Cops are also handling the shooting as a murder investigation.

UPDATE II: Many outlets are reporting that the victim has been identified as model Reeva Steenkamp, seen here from her FHM photo shoot…

Reeva Steenkamp


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  • ElRonbo

    Seems like guns in the home (and I say this as a gun owner) end up being more likely to hurt a good person, or get stolen, than be used in self-defense.  I was renting a condo and one morning, with no warning, a key hits the lock and two strange people walk in – one of them a big, sketchy looking guy. I reached for a weapon, but fortunately before shooting asked questions – the property management company had made a mistake, it was a real estate agent and potential buyer. I almost killed two innocent people. It was a sobering moment. 
    I’m not saying I know what we do to make sure the weapons can be used against criminals but not hurt innocents.  All I’m saying is we need to think about this a lot more, and maybe someone smarter than me (I know, right) can come up with some good ideas. 

    • elmiller1984

       Well, Ronbo, I’m going to agree with you….to a degree. Guns in the home are only as dangerous as the person wielding them. In your case you made the right move by asking questions before just brazenly opening fire.

      Which is a LOT more than can be said about the running crip in the story.

      • solomon mujakachi

        Circumstances determine the call. How many times are we given a chance to ask questions. Serious robbers don’t. Lets wait for more details before jumping to conclusions hey!

        • Luke Bogash

           who shoots before seeing their target?  If she was a frequent visitor, he should have expected her to be there.  If he had doubts, he should have waited to determine who it was.

          He was irresponsible, if indeed he did shoot her on accident

          • Enoch

             Hey Luke, give the guy a break. It is so easy to hypothesize what we would or would not do in a situation that has not happened or will probably never happen. In reality no one really knows how they would really respond under similar circumstances!!!!!

      • lakawak

        Yeah…it sure is the right move to ask an intruder if he plans to kill you before defending yourself. Because they will generally be honest, and also wait for you before attacking. Kinda like Mandy Patinkin waiting for Cary Elwes to rest after climbing the Cliffs of Insanity before dueling.

    • Jon

      I hate it when guns become self-aware and just start shooting at noises in the middle of the night.

    • Artor

      That’s not just your observation. Statistics bear this out too; you are far more likely to be shot by your own gun than use it to repel an invader.

    • lakawak

      IT seems that way to you because you are ignorant of REALITY. I know some idiots choose to go through their worthless existence oblivious to the facts…but the facts ARE that law abiding gun owners prevent over a MILLION crimes a year. And even IF this really was an accident, this is VERY unlikely compared to guns being used to prevent crime. As for guns being stolen..that is also very unlikely when you are talking with facts. But choosing to live in ignorance I guess is easier for people whose brains don’t function.

      • ElRonbo

        Well, if “fact” means “some bullsh*t number from a study that had a ridiculous amount of extrapolation” then sure. I can show studies from far better sources showing a gun in the house is more likely to be used to commit a criminal homicide, accidentally shoot someone, be used in a suicide, or stolen, than used in a crime.
        You want to test brain function? If you were confronted with someone trying to rob, rape, assault, or murder you, and you had a loaded gun in your hand, what would you do? You’d shoot them, of course. Yet out of the “million” times this happens a year, how many actual times do we hear of this happening? If it were even 5% of the time, that would be 50,000 times a year. But we don’t. As for guns being stolen – about 20,000 get stolen from gun dealers alone each year.

  • elmiller1984

    What if it was really murder and he’s using “thought she was an invader” as an excuse to keep from prison time?

  • Floydmoist Bleumonge

    This is what happens when you live in a place where negros run free and are a threat to life, limb and home. If you come on unannounced and unexpected, you can be mistaken for a negro robber and killer in the SA. It’s a shame that  once again a White man must suffer the loss of his lady due to the threat of negros.

    • SallysRock

      Floyd you are a moron.

    • Wade Lindstrom

      Floyd, you are the stupidest person I have ever encountered

    • Ayaso

      you call my people Negros why not say what you really want to say .The man lives in a gated area
      should I repeat my self  a upper class place. its not the kind of place where as you put it NEGROS running around get your S.IT together you are so quick to blame NEGROS .People like you make me sick. He shot his girl 4 times 4 times Jerk.

  • ToughStuff2012

    I’ve got 10 firearms in my home. I’ve never shot anyone by mistake.

  • Oswald Cobblepott

    Over 70% of those who own guns will have the weapon used on themselves or a loved one! The only security one will have is a reserve of knowledge and thier own ability!

    • anuran

      Absolute nonsense. If it were true there would be millions of shooting deaths a year.

      • Hank

        He probably meant that 70% of gun related deaths are accidental or suicide, which would be far less absurd. Not sure if that is an accurate stat though.

    • lakawak

      Wow! Just make up facts now! That is how the ignorant try to win debates.

      Gotta love just making your own statistics!

  • RadicalRighty

    Somebody better read the news story – he was arrested, and police haven’t mentioned this as accidental.  Also he lives in a secure development, with a wall around his property.


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