Fan combines his love of ‘Bama football and his love of Sons of Anarchy into one gnarly tattoo

Sons of Anarchy, a wildly popular show on cable network FX, revolves around the goings on of an outlaw biker club, and each member of the club has this tattoo of the Grim Reaper inked on their back.  OK, maybe not this exact tattoo, since the show is based in the fictional town of Charming, California, it’s Sons of Anarchy, not Sons of Saban, and I can’t for the life of me remember hearing one of the main characters in the show ever yell “Roll Tide”…

Roll Tide

Definitely not the worst Alabama Crimson Tide tattoo we’ve ever seen (an honor bestowed upon this guy), and to be honest, it’s really not that bad a tattoo when you stop and think about it. Sure the Grim Reaper imagery is dark and foreboding, but the artwork is fairly well done, especially with how they were able to recreate Nick Saban’s facial features to a T.

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  • John

    No matter what the tattoo outlasts the coach.  By then hopefully this guy will realize how idiotic the tattoo is.  Also, not a “hater” of the Crimson Tide, they are a great football team, but the tattoo is idiotic.

  • John

    Also, did Saban knock up the Mom of this guy?  Is this guy Saban’s son?  Or is this guy just a delusional fool?

  • 1Hoss

    Did an eighth grader do his tattoo?A stupid idea poorly executed.


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