Chubby Welsh guy has soccer skills that would make Ronaldinho jealous

soccer phenomI feel this guy, you know, and not just because we’re both on the heavier side and have to perform our athletic events in dingy alleyways, out of sight of the public eye. This Welsh dude has mad soccer skills, and while you may think the two blokes videotaping him are being douchebags and laughing at the guy because he’s fat, listen closely. Amidst the laughter and terrible Rhianna song playing, they seem quite amazed at this guy’s ball-handling ability, as anyone will be once they see this unknown gent in action.

The video is shot from a distance, and unless this goes viral, this back alley Ronaldinho may go unidentified and unrecognized, which would be a sad state of affairs indeed. Keep your fingers crossed that these two guys didn’t just film Maradona getting a little practice in while on vacation in Wales, because that would be extremely disappointing.



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