Massive brawl breaks out between AHL’s Chicago Wolves and Rockford Ice Hogs


Nothing screams hockey rivalry more than a good, old fashioned brawl, much like the one that involved the Chicago Wolves and Rockford Ice Hogs of the AHL. Their brouhaha was of such monumental proportions that the fighting actually spilled over into the Ice Hogs’ bench, involved pretty well all the players from both teams, and led to 142 minutes in total penalties being handed out following the melee.

Not bad considering all this took place with a mere 3.6 seconds left in the game.

The brawl was precipitated by a Guillame Desbiens hit on Rockford’s Ben Smith. The bench door gave way, sending Desbiens into enemy territory, where Jeremy Morin of the Ice Hogs began raining punches down on the prone Desbiens, which seemed an odd choice seeing that Morin’s Rockford Ice Hogs had all but sewn up the 2-1 victory. After that things went downhill quickly.

Anyone else get a sense that these two teams don’t care for each other? Anyone at all?

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