A’s OF Michael Taylor suffers bizarre injury throwing out a piece of gum

Michael TaylorTime to add another freakish baseball injury to the big board, as A’s outfielder Michael Taylor has missed a week’s worth of spring training, and will probably miss more, after cutting open his finger while throwing away a piece of gum.

Truth is, was, and always will be stranger than fiction.

Taylor, who has toiled the past three seasons in Triple-A Sacramento and has played 17 games in parts of two seasons with Oakland, was tossing out a piece of masticated chewing gum when he hit his hand on the light in the dugout ceiling, which opened up a nasty gash on his right pinkie finger. He’s already been out a week and has been told he cannot return to action until the cut has fully healed.

We’ve seen some weird baseball injuries lately (Gio Gonzalez and Elvis Andrus come to mind), but Taylor’s lacerated finger, the result of such a benign act as throwing away a piece of chewing gum, has to rank up there with the best of them. You’d think at 6-foot-5 Taylor would be wary of his surroundings, especially in places with low ceilings like a dugout, but seeing as we’re sitting here discussing how he shredded his pinkie on a dugout ceiling light, it’s obvious the man needs work on his situational awareness.



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