Sergio Garcia went up a tree for a one-handed backwards shot into the fairway

Sergio GarciaSergio Garcia found himself in a spot of trouble during play at the Arnold Palmer Invitational, when his tee shot on the 10th hole ended up getting stuck in a tree. Garcia, not wanting to take a drop, decided to shimmy up said tree like a spider monkey before attempting a one-handed, backwards shot to try and get back into the fairway. It was as innovative a shot as you will see in professional golf, and Garcia was able to pull it off with perfect aplomb.

Unfortunately the 33-year-old Spaniard finished with a double-bogey on the hole, despite his surreal shot into the fairway, and ended up withdrawing from the tournament two holes later. No matter, since golf fans will remember Garcia’s incredible one-handed, backwards shot from up a tree a lot longer than they will his DNF at Arnie Palmer’s Bay Hill Club.


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