Fan videobombs TNT broadcast of Knicks-Blazers game with nose pick, wink combo

While TNT commentators Chris Webber and Kevin Harlan were doing work before the broadcast of the Knicks-Trail Blazers game Thursday night, a fan seated directly behind them was doing some work of his own, namely burying his finger knuckle deep into a nostril mining for nose gold, and all of it was captured on live television in a videobomb for the ages…

nose pickerDude totally owns his nose picking like a boss, as evidenced by his sly little wink to the camera after examining his nasal discharge. That right there let the viewing audience know that he knew exactly what he was doing when he went nostril spelunking. If it’s possible to be cool and a nose picker, then this guy is the most interesting man in the world. I feel this guy, and thanks to him and his disregard for common nose picking practices, I will no longer be stifled by the social laws and mores that state nose picking must be done in private, out of the public eye, because it’s a gross and disgusting habit. If I need to pick because a booger is causing me grief—whether it be in an elevator, at church, on the bus, or during dinner at a fancy restaurant—I’m going in full finger and not stopping until I see blood.

Some may call this guy sick, others will call him a rebel, while most will say he’s nothing but an attention seeker. But for those of us who are now free of the stigma that comes with public nose picking, we will call him an American hero.

Now let’s watch buddy pick his nose and wink at the camera on endless loop, because GIF (via The Bloody Owl)…

Nose picker

[Ball Don’t Lie]


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