2013 Miami Marlins summed up in one perfectly designed vanity license plate


After the great purge of 2012, the Miami Marlins are sitting in the basemen in the NL East, with a brutal record of 1-6, tied for dead last in all of baseball with the Houston Astros, which is pretty pathetic considering the joke the Astros have become. Owner Jeffrey Loria is public enemy No.1 in Miami, and outside of Giancarlo Stanton, the team has no star power to speak of. Basically what few fans the team has left are in for a long and dreadful season.

In basic terms, the Miami Marlins are shit. Don’t believe me? Then ask the vanity license plate pictured above, the one that reads “mierda” when you incorporate the Marlins logo. For you unilingual folks, mierda is Spanish for shit. Got to respect the cleverness it took to slip this one past the Florida DMV.



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