Cyclist Yoann Offredo runs into street sign, leads to scary looking spill

Yoann OffredoFrenchman Yoann Offredo was participating in the 2013 Paris-Roubaix this weekend, when a street sign jumps up right out of nowhere directly into the cyclist’s path, causing Offredo to go ass-over-teakettle in spectacularly embarrassing fashion. Offredo did his best to minimize the damage by taking the brunt of the impact on his forearms, but unfortunately for the 26-year-old French rider, he still sustained a rather nasty looking scrape to his chin.

You’d think that a cyclist like Offredo, who’s been active in the sport for 6-plus years would know that you look forward, not back, when atop your bicycle, seeing that most obstacles will be in front of you as you’re riding. Seems like common sense to me.

[Bob’s Blitz]


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